'VOID BET' by The Brownlee Brothers at Peacock Visual Arts!

'VOID BET' is the first solo show from Dundee art provacteurs the Brownlee Brothers. Bringing their unique vision to the Peacocks W OR M space on the Castlegate, the show is full of visual delights designed to give a nod to the rebellious subcultures from which they've come but also to unsettle and tantalise the uninitiated!

I first came across the brothers, Fraser and Calum during the 2013 Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show (read about it here) and even then their work was impressive for its strong aesthetics. Jump forward 5 years and you'll find an array of work on show at Peacocks as they continue to push new and exciting work at W OR M. There's a lot to take in at the show from prison style tattoo machines, complete with gold figurine handle, a menacing razor blade sign proclaiming 'Out of Luck' and a single mini print of the iconic Space Raiders logo, rebranded to read Brain Invaders and set in the style of an acid tab, safe behind its glass just in case. The tampon machine may or may not contain some treats, as with a lot in life its a gamble! Working with Peacocks the brothers also worked on a new print edition 'Dundee Shuffle' based on a William Hill betting slip which will be available soon. 

The collected works in the show reflect the pub environments that artists grew up in, where others might just see a logo for their favourite stout, the artists have made it into something other by transforming it onto a wall. The same goes with their 'Doner Dudez' towel, emblazoned with the slogan 'Loyal to the Foil' a reference to smoking drugs using tin foil. It would be easy to think the artists are somehow trying to sensationalise these acts but instead I think they're pulling in ideas and themes from their own lived experiences. When you've grown up in a poorer area of say Aberdeen, these images do resonate, even down to the magical feeling of seeing the Babycham logo, a marker of class and glitz for many a council house in Mastrick in the 80's (where I grew up). A deep friend £5 note continues where the deep fried sword left off and leaves the viewer asking "why?".

For the brothers the question is why not? The Brownlee Brothers have found beauty in an ugly reality and have added an extra bit of crust to it with strong sense of who they are and where they come from. Although they haven't spent the last 5 years working on this one show its nice that all the elements and art works they've made in that time can find a common space and sit so well together. The final piece of the exhibition involved a fire extinguisher filled with paint and a blank wall down the side of W OR M. You can see a short video of what they created below.

A fantastic show worth checking out. It runs til the 2nd September so get yourself down for a look and relive your misspent youth with some council rocky and a bag of space raiders round the back. Its good to remember where you come from and to be proud of it!

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