Claire Roberts at Parx Cafe!

One of my favourite shows from June was the Claire Roberts exhibition at Parx Café. Café by day, gallery by night, Parx have played host to some great exhibitions over the last 2 years and also makes for a pretty good lunch spot should you up that end of town. The latest show comes from Claire Roberts, an Aberdeen based print maker who's previously shown works with Peacock Visual Arts and at The Foyer. Having taken a bit of time out this show marks a return to the art world and makes quite a statement!
Featuring a new series of reduction lino cut prints, her work popped off the walls with the bold use of colour and the enchanting nature of each portrait. Featuring an array of characters in brightly patterned garments, each one left me intrigued and required two or three viewings. I found looking at each piece you begin to build up an idea of their back stories and how they came to be. The lady in the cacti style hat kept pulling me in along with the green and yellow flower style romper suit character, my favourites but the whole set made for pleasurable viewing.
Now as I've said before, covering creative events and meeting artists for over 10 years in Aberdeen its easy to forget there's so many creative and wonderful people still out there and Claire is definitely one of them. Thankfully she was on hand and explained a little about her process for each print. Reduction lino cuts are made from one piece of lino, each layer of the print is cut and printed in sequence, starting with the base or background colours with each layer of detail being carved out and printed over the top before being cut away for the final layer. Its a process that allows almost no margin for error and added even more of a sense of wonder to Claires work.
Although I managed to get a few quick snaps they don't really do the work justice so I highly recommend a visit to Parx Café to see the show before it comes down (if it hasn't already). If you are too late then you can always check out Claires work in more detail on her instagram account here and hopefully well be seeing more from Claire Roberts in the near future. And fear not for no trip to Parx Café is a wasted journey as their lunch menu is great so if you don't find a feast for the eyes, at least you'll find one for your belly! 

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