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Nuart Aberdeen is fast approaching and the the social media pages are abuzz as people look to April when 12 international and Scottish street artists will descend on Aberdeen, creating site specific works of art, murals, installations and paste ups, not to mention a few ceramic tile pieces. The artists for 2018 are Bordalo ii, Bortusk Leer, Carrie Reichardt, Dr. D (Subertiser), Elki, Ernest Zacharevic, The Glöbel Brothers, Hyuro, Milu Correch, Nimi & RH74, PhlegmandSnik. One of the things I enjoyed most about last years Nuart Aberdeen was the new artists they brought to my attention along with the more well known names and this year is no different.

Its wonderful to have Carrie Reichardt, who we met last year at Nuart Festival in Stavanger, gracing the streets of Aberdeen. With her cutting political and social commentary, Carrie's work serves to both highlight injustices across a range of issues whilst also holding a torch up for those who have fought and paved the way for gend…

Art of Urban Warfare Aberdeen!

One of the first street art books I bought was Street Renegades (New Underground Art) by Francesca Gavin. It featured work by Ben Eine, Invader, Brad Downey and El Tono along with a few others prominent figures from the time. The book didn't cover a huge amount of artists but it did highlight quite a few artists who've gone on to spear head the street art movement with many continuing to push it forward. Some of the artists have moved away from their signature style of work while others like Dan Witz are now entering their 4th decade of putting work on the streets. Printed in 2007 (probably when I bought it) it provided a glimpse into the burgeoning street art world and highlighted the diverse range of practitioners from all corners of the globe. 

One artist I gravitated towards was Flu aka Influenza aka Jeroen Jongeleen. His work was incredibly simple at the time, consisting of black lines with in accurate measurement details, black out street posters and multi coloured toy so…

Deen Scene - What's On # 11!

I just got back from playing some tunes down at WORM as part of Jessica Barries 2DAYRADIO project, part of the OPEN events curated by the Peacocks Associates. The associates fulfil the role of curator for the space and as everyone has different ideas and opinions, so the range of events on offer has varied from traditional art on walls to 2DAYRADIO which saw a host of local Djs, poets and weirdos take up residence in the W OR M. My friend Neil asked me if I wanted to play some tunes with him on Sunday so from 12 - 2 you could tune in via the website to listen to our musical back and forth. Having not played any records for a while it proved quite refreshing and W OR M proved to be a great hub for listening to music and watching the world pass by!

OPEN continues this week with more events on Thursday to celebrate International Womens Day with 'Becoming Woke' (something BrewDog and a few others could benifit from) you can find the details here. And if you simply want to go hang o…