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20 For 20 Anchors!

So when all was said and done, the 20 For 20 Anchors raised a whopping £349,000 for Friends of Anchor. I've been lucky to see a bit behind the scenes of the project thanks to my partner Mary Butterworth who helped bring some of the artists on board. Knowing the huge amount of effort that goes into these projects I was a bit worried as she spends so much time helping others and often neglecting her own needs. The charity is one close to Mary and her family, I'm sure many of us have been effected by Cancer and the Anchor unit always plays a big part in helping to navigate the path to treatment and recovery and I think for everyone involved it became personal, bringing up a range of emotions and experiences, on top of having paint a solid 5 foot tall anchor!

Being a Heamophiliac I've often been up to unit to get treatment for a sprained ankle or injury, usually sat in a comfy seat next to people getting their chemo and every time I walk out I feel lucky but also inspired by th…

Jetpack Dinosaur at Foodstory Projects!

With the dreaded feeling of Christmas fast approaching now is perhaps a good time to start thinking about how you wish to shows the special people in your life you care about them. This year ill be attempting to shop only at local stores, no chains and also to focus on purchasing from local makers (you can read about my last attempt at this here). Luckily Aberdeen is jammed full of cool creatives and with pop up events like Flock at Woodend Barn and HAAN Design Market there's plenty of opportunities to speak to makers and to purchase something special. Its that bit about being able to meet the person behind the work that really interests me. One such person is Chris Bisset aka Jetpack Dinosaur.

I first connected with Chris via instagram, having lots of mutual friends and both skating I figured we'd cross paths in the real world but before that I started to see a flurry of posts, ink style drawings with a big red dot, almost Japanese in style and execution. Each new day brought …

'A Sum of Parts' by Suzann Ross at Aberdeen Art Centre!

'A Sum of Parts' is the current show by Suzann Ross, an Aberdeenshire based artist. On display in the gallery at Aberdeen Art Centre, her show opened on the 6th November and marks her first outing since the degree show. Suzann graduated this summer from Grays School of Art and has been continuing her theme of cataloguing and archiving, the use of books and paper translated through painted forms. Her current show takes a step away from her book paintings and instead focuses on capturing abstract architectural forms, the strange shape you see when you mask off a small section of a building or the things you see through a strangers window. 

A mixture of paintings have been produced by Suzann with the simplest of architectural features taking on a new beauty through her brush strokes. I've always enjoyed seeing the city and its buildings from a new perspective and we're often guilty of missing the finer details but these paintings along with the more ephemeral works gives u…

'Release The Pressure' at Transition Extreme 2016!

One of my highlights from last year has to be the UV ARTS 'Release The Pressure' graffiti festival that saw the Victorian arches of Union Terrace Gardens get a much needed make over. The festival brought a mix of UK graff veterans and international talent to Aberdeen, some of whom went on to paint a few doors as part of the Painted Doors project. But beyond that they all did a pretty stunning full wall down at the TX legal wall at the beach. Luckily I managed to get down and took some photos before the work was covered over.

From left to right you have Peter SheridanInkie, Treze with skull by Dead ILW, Mark WorstDarren John, Gucci by unknown and Darren John again. I've been spending a bit of time trying to sort out my archive of graffiti pics, a lot of the tags and pieces have been buffed or or in some cases demolished so its good to have a record of whats happened whether last week or 10 years ago. As Aberdeen embraces the world of street art through festivals like Nu…