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Margaretann Bennett RSW, Alan McGowan & Maralyn Reed-Wood at Gallery Heinzel!

Gallery Heinzel sits nestled on Thistle Street up in the West End of Aberdeen. Although its played host to some of the Look Out figures from the Look Again festival I'd never mustered the courage to set foot inside. I'd often catch a glimpse of something through the window that took my fancy but I'd never taken the plunge and gone in. That is til Mary told me about an incredible show featuring work by Margaretann Bennett RSW, Alan McGowan & Maralyn Reed-Wood.

The show is made up of three very different artists working in different mediums but each seems to complement the other. The powerful female figures featured in Margaretanns paintings seem to hold this strange power, almost an otherness that's hard to describe but the figures depicted are strong and not to be messed with. Maralyns porcelain figures also create a strong contrast with strong female characters but perhaps a little softer, the delicateness of the materials playing into the quality of the works. Th…

'From Small Seeds Grow' by Penumbra Artists at Seventeen!

About this time last year I did a post about my good friend Steve's art groups show 'Life Is Your Very Own Canvas' which featured a varied selection of works from Penumbra service users. Steve combined his own experiences of art as a healing factor to overcome some of the challenges he faced in the everyday and as a result created what has come to be some of my favourite art works, a few of which proudly take pride of place in my home. Art as a therapeutic remedy has been tried and tested and can often lead to some interesting works and the second show from the Penumbra group is certainly proof of that.

Since last year the group has grown with Kane Jansen helping to co facilitate but they still face challenges like regular space for the group to meet and work on their art works. Taking each challenge as it comes, they've managed to carry on and produced a series of new works which were show for a few weeks at the Seventeen space. I popped down for the opening to see wha…

'Mark Wallinger Mark' by Mark Wallinger at The DCA!

I recently found myself in Dundee with a few hours to kill so I paid a visit to the DCA to check out whats new. Dundee itself looks like a city on the move with the new V&A Museum looking more complete every time I pass through to the social media buzz around the Dundee Design Festival (sad to say I missed it all). But as always the DCA had a load to offer the time constrained traveller as I rifled through the shop for 20 minutes before heading over to check out the show by Mark Wallinger

The first room contained a film screening which appeared to show a scaffold being erected on a beach. Having recently discovered how handy a scaffold can be I was mesmerised watching as each piece was locked into place. As I peeked round into the main gallery space I was confronted by a giant monolithic Tardis, like the one Doctor Who uses to travel through time, except this one appeared much bigger and to be made from silver. I can still remember seeing these old police phone boxes dotted aroun…