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Look Again Festival 2017 at RGU!

Another year has passed since Look Again graced us with their delightful programme of events and exhibitions and now its time to put on your creative goggles and get out to as they say "become a tourist in your own city!" Look Again 2017 brings an ever bigger selection of events and exhibitions, this time stretched across multiple venues and across 2 weekends. The first weekend saw RGU Campus at Garthdee play host to a plethora of events aimed at engaging the student populous and connecting the often remote campus with the wider creative community.

Over a 4 day period students were exposed to the incredible Inflato - Optical Image Intensifier at the Sir Ian Wood building, complete with giant inflatables and wearable sculptures created by Pester & Rossi. The Inflato designs are based on old engineering artefacts and diagrammatic prints discovered in the RGU archive. Along with a short film and exhibition students were invited to take part in a special work shop with the ar…

NUART Aberdeen - Part 4, The Small Murals!

The NUART Plus programme kicked off with their famous 'Fight Club' debate which looked at the age old question,  big vs small. A few of the artists along with selected academics and media heads debated the issue highlighting the merits of both and with only 1 vote of a difference its fair to say that both have their place but do give the viewer something different. I've covered all the large scale works here and they are all truly stunning. But the small works have had just as much impact and a few of the artists have used the small scale intervention in a massively meaningful way.

Kicking off with John 'Nipper' his simple clips attached to various sites around the city centre have become miniature bill boards where the usual advertisement fodder has been replaced by free art and some special Mission Directives. One such Mission Directive instructed the finder to take the can of spray paint and stencil attached to the board and make a stencil on the wall next to it.…