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'The Hop Head Project' by Fierce Beer!

If you like beer then you're probably familiar with Fierce Beer and their back story. Founded in 2016 by Dave Grant and David McHardy, Fierce Beer is an Aberdeen based micro brewery specialising in beverages for the craft beer market. The whole thing came about after Dave met David at a brewing tech course and struck up a friendship over their shared interest. Almost 12 months later and with 14 beers on the market to say they're doing well would be an understatement! Of course the collapse of the oil sector led to them both being made redundant and provided the catalyst for them  to follow a bit of a pipe dream which seems to be working out pretty good and shows what you can do with a bit of vision and hard work!

As part of their initial promotion the company created giant metal Hop Man logo's to be sent out to bars and stockists. When it passed before the eyes of Stu Allan an idea formed, why not get the crème du la crème of Aberdeen's artists to customise the logo's with their art work. I mean after all  we've seen the success of the Wild Dolphins and Painted Doors project, the formula is a winner and certainly BrewDog have utilised numerous local talents to help add a bit of cool to their bars. So Stu set about assembling his wish list of artists, some of whom have taken part in previous projects but also a few who are totally new to me and 'The Hop Head Project' was launched.

Each artwork had to be produced on the Fierce logo but apart from keeping the logos basic shape the artist were free to do what they wanted. For such a simple design the breadth of work from the artists is quite incredible and each head serves to showcase the best of their respective creators. Below from left to right you have Caitlin Hynes, Katie Guthrie, Shirin Karbor, Jetpack Dinosaur, Ugly People, Tomasz Wrobel, Honk, Caroline Moulding, Craig Fisher, Steve Murison, Stu Allan and Kilo Alpha Editions. Each one is like a perfect shot of each artists style and kinda makes you forget its a giant beer logo. The project was launched in Bos N last week which of course featured a river of Fierce Beer and the party was in full swing when I left, before things got too messy.

The Hop Heads have now moved downstairs to Rye & Soda where they can be viewed for at least the next few months so there's plenty of time to see them in the flesh. You can also enter a raffle to win Stus piece with all monies raised going to a local charity. Its great to see local guys doing well but its nice to see them do it with no gimmicks like sending a crate of beer to horrible cretin Donald Trump. Fierce Beer let the beer do the talking, its all good from what I hear and anyone who wants to give a platform to local artists gets a thumbs up from me. Huge props to Stu for organising the project and bringing such a great group of artists together, hopefully this is the first of many events and collaborations!

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