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'Past, Present And Future Subversions' by Dundee Print Collective!

If you go down to Dundee today you're in for a big surprise! And its not a teddy bears picnic. To say Dundee is a city on the up would be a slight understatement but its also not entirely true. You see Dundee has been up for a while, at least in my view with its world class arts centre The DCA complete with café, bar, cinema and screen printing facilities, the fantastic art school Duncan of Jordanstone (still one of the best degree shows I've been too) and the benefits of affordable space which has helped numerous artists and collectives thrive and led to great intiatives like Creative Dundee.

Last year some friends put me onto Dundee Print Collective. Made up from a group of artists and paying members, their aim is simple, to promote print making and making it accessible for everyone. Founded in 2014 the group has held numerous shows and been part of a huge exchange event which saw their work travel to China. DPC have consistently pushed their mandate and a quick scrawl throug…

Beyond The Square - Instagrams of the Week!

Time for another round of inspiring images from the social tundra of Instagram! As always Instagram offers a wealth of visual delights at your finger tips but sometimes its easy to just keep flicking and not fully appreciating the images before you! So here's a run through of a few visual delights from the past few weeks.

Kicking off with a beauty by James aka SheOne. James has been a favourite of mines for a while and really does abstract like no one else. O.Two recently opened a new joint show with Anrea Riot titled 'Hex Coda'. The stream of brush marks with black and yellow has really got me excited to see the new body of work, if only through a screen. The official program for NUART Aberdeen is out and features a little show by myself, bringing together a selection of works featured on instagram, kinda like these blog posts but projected in an old library, more on that later! My favourite graff head 45rpm was recently in Edinburgh with Mr Penfold and painted a cool piec…

London Street Art 2008?

I recently discovered a back up drive rammed full of photos from years gone by. A quick search revealed these snaps from London back in 2008. As new work goes up all the time a lot of these pieces have either been painted over or have been destroyed in the case of the Invader pieces. Anyway, thought it would be fun to share them, I remember the Sweet Toof & Sickboy collab piece well and the Banksy & D*Face cars, I think the D*Face Bomb was pretty new at the time. It was fun walking around and spotting those old Invader pieces, I think some of the later ones were just off Oxford Street too.

Note the garages down in the Star Yard just off Brick Lane which is now an open plan space and a must check site when in London!  Fanakpan has been creating new works there every few months for the past year or so. As always if you want to try and keep up with the ever changing walls then Hookedblog is a go to site, great photos and information about a wealth of artists, a real essential reso…

'The Hop Head Project' by Fierce Beer!

If you like beer then you're probably familiar with Fierce Beer and their back story. Founded in 2016 by Dave Grant and David McHardy, Fierce Beer is an Aberdeen based micro brewery specialising in beverages for the craft beer market. The whole thing came about after Dave met David at a brewing tech course and struck up a friendship over their shared interest. Almost 12 months later and with 14 beers on the market to say they're doing well would be an understatement! Of course the collapse of the oil sector led to them both being made redundant and provided the catalyst for them  to follow a bit of a pipe dream which seems to be working out pretty good and shows what you can do with a bit of vision and hard work!

As part of their initial promotion the company created giant metal Hop Man logo's to be sent out to bars and stockists. When it passed before the eyes of Stu Allan an idea formed, why not get the crème du la crème of Aberdeen's artists to customise the logo'…

'Stuffed Gallery 2017' at Newave Gallery!

Its sad to think that Stuffed Gallery 2017 might just be the last show at Newave Gallery, at least as we know it. With the pressures of running a business combined with the current financial climate in Aberdeen it looks like Newave will be handing over the lease on their current space to new owners leaving them in a bit of a no mans land. Its clear to see the amount of time and love that has gone into Newave over the last few years, quickly standing out from the other galleries through its policy of supporting local artists and especially recent art school graduates. Along with SMART Art Agency they've really aligned themselves with the younger art crowd and give a platform to great artists like Catherine Ross, Ade Adesina and Chris Wells. But its been an up hill battle and for the most part has been a self funded venture which is sadly unsustainable.

However there's a few really positive things to consider. Firstly the current exhibition is one of many such group shows that h…