'Futurism 2.0' Exhibition, Video & Book by Gamma Proforma!

I was pretty excited to see the artist line up for the Futurism 2.0 group show which took place at Blackall Studio in London in 2012. The show brought together free style graffiti abstractors from across the globe including Remi Rough, Mr Jago, She One, Mark Lyken, Augustine Kofie, Poesia, Divine Styler, Phil Ashcroft, Boris 'Delta' Tellegen, Matt W. Moore, O.Two, Sat One, Christopher Derek Bruno, Moneyless, Part2ism, Jaybo Monk, Derm, Jerry 'Joker' Inscoe, Clemens Behr, Carlos Mare 139 and Nawer.

The show brought together the pioneers of 'Graffuturism', a new movement in graffiti's evolution, quite removed from the seminal wild style lettering of 70's NYC, graffuturism is more concerned with abstraction, line and form. Each of the artists come's from a traditional graffiti background but have found themselves developing a unique style which takes their skills with a spray can into new territory. The black flame like marks of SheOne are instantly recognisable while Kofie's use of colour brings the viewer back to a by gone age with his exquisite draftmanship. Each of the artists is bringing something unique to the table yet they can play off one another as evidenced by the collaborative murals (see below) they've produced over the years. 

As well as putting on the exhibition, curator Rob Swain of Gamma Proforma has collated work from all the artists to produce an extensive book also called Futurism 2.0. The book is a "time stamp with in an emerging movement" and sits nicely along with some of my other art tomes. The book is a limited edition with early backers getting their names added on the last page and only 250 copies have been produced. The first edition are all sold out but a second edition is available for pre order via Gamma here. This book is like a bible of Graffutirism and marks out a new chapter in graffiti's history. The Graffuturism website is also a great place to start if you want to see the latest from the scene and to delve even deeper into this style of work.

Gamma Proforma have been leading the way for a few years now and have made it a mission to produce some of the finest art books on the market with collected tomes for Phil Ashcroft, SheOne and Will Barras. The most recent edition to the Gamma library is an in depth look at the work of Swifty which should be available soon. Along with books Gamma cross boundaries combining  art with music with special vinyl editions such as the Rewire Boxset and show which flipped the script and paired musicians with artists and tasked them to riff off the art. Experimentation and pushing boundaries seem to be at the forefront of all Gamma projects with more to come!

I'll be focusing a bit more on whats coming up at Gamma HQ as they take the next steps in opening a space in London with debut show Humilitism opening this Friday! Its also worth giving their instagram a follow to keep in the loop and to scope out new projects before they drop! This post has been sitting waiting to be finished for a long time but I'm glad I didn't just delete it as its reminded me of the great wealth of shows and work that's come to pass thanks to Gamma Proforma. Sometimes its good to take a look back before jumping forward. Thanks to Rob for all his dedication in bringing about so many great projects.

Futurism 2.0 - Exhibition - Gamma Proforma from Gamma Proforma on Vimeo.

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