'For The Time Being' by Julie-Ann Simpson at Grays School of Art!

The first of many cool art things I got to check out last week, 'For The Time Being' is Julie-Anns graduate in residence show which opened at the art school. Continuing on from her degree show in 2014, she's developed quite a distinctive style of working, often combining familiar elements from nature and a subdued palette with some electric colours which seem to radiate off the canvas. It was the subtle use of colour and shape that first drew me to her work during the degree show with each painting having a inherent beauty that's hard to pin point.

'For The Time Being' is a full body of work with paintings on paper and canvas ranging in size from envelope size up to 3 meters across but scale is no obstacle as Julie-Anns work seems to fit almost any format. Obviously access to a larger studio and resources at the art school have allowed her the space to expand her practice and really play with the scale of her paintings. Having access to a studio is essential for many artists and it looks like grays has really nurtured some great talents. The opportunity to continue developing existing work and methods or to take advantage of the vast facilities has consistently resulted in great bodies of work as seen in previous years shows. The graduate in residence show is just the latest in a long list of shows for Julie-Ann who wasted no time since graduating with exhibitions at GHAT, Aberdeen Arts Centre and work in the RSA Open exhibition in Edinburgh.

'For The Time Being' is another strong body of work and is worth seeing for yourself as the colours and subtleties don't always come across in photos, despite my best efforts to capture them but that's the beauty of Julie-Anns  painting's really, capturing unique moments in time that can't be replicated, a truly unique creative voice. 'For The Time Being' is on display in the main stairwell and reception at Grays School of Art until the 16th of December so get down quick to experience the subtle and the sublime work!

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