'Creature Comforts' by Pester & Rossi at The Suttie Art Space!

'Creature Comforts' is the first show in Aberdeen from renowned Glasgow based art duo Pester & Rossi and features a full cast of giant characters from hands and sunglasses to blob like costumes which the duo utilised as part of a performance at the exhibitions opening. Their work is a combination of elements with fun being pretty high on the agenda. Speaking to the artists at the opening didn't fully prepare me for what was to come, an all out assault on the senses from the visual and sculptural elements of the work, the dramatic flare of the cast as they slided and danced their way across the space, the strange and wonderful soundtrack and the strangely soothing singing of the artists themselves. Lasting almost ten minutes, the performance flowed and ebbed across the gallery space and hopefully left everyone feeling a bit happier than when they walked in.
The duo's bio perfectly sums up the show. "Grounded in sculptural performance and utilising a variety of media and activity, we create live works that challenge conventional perceptions of the everyday. We make wearable sculpture, DIY costume and props working with an anarchistic and feminist approach. We use visual puns, irony and play to create interventions setting ourselves boundaries and limitations with regards to the body, sexuality and rituals." Its the first exhibition in a while that's felt like a real hands on experience, that last time probably being the Lily & Mim pop up department store curated by John Walter for Smart Art Agency. It was great to see so many new faces at the show engaging with the work from the giant yellow hands (which are currently being repaired as they've been played with so much) to the video works which show the artists navigating their way around the hospital in various costumes and guises. Fun, colourful and well executed.
The team at The Suttie Art Space continue to explore the contemporary Scottish art scene by bringing new and established talent to their incredible gallery space. In the last few months they've had skateboarders smash into things, been part of the Look Again festival, held numerous exhibitions of traditional paintings and all the while quietly curate a massive range of art works throughout the corridors of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. I'm scared to think what they could do beyond the constraints of the hospital setting! Its a great space to have on the cultural map offering some fresh perspectives on the Scottish art world along with Newave Gallery, Peaccoks and Smart Art Agency to name a few.
I think there's a lot on offer for anyone who's willing to engage and seek out the creative adventure. I think sometimes people suffer a little from having to put a little energy or effort into making it to shows like 'Creature Comforts' but the benefits far outweigh that initial effort so I highly recommend you stop by The Suttie Art Space, have a chat with the staff and if you're visiting someone in the hospital maybe get a wheel chair and take them down to try on some new blob shoes, it might just give them a boost! Check out more projects and work from Pester & Rossi via their website here.

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