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'The Narrowing Sky' by Catherine Ross at Newave Gallery!

Its hard to believe its been a year since Catherines first solo show at Newave Gallery but sure enough, 12 months have elapsed and what a time its been! Since graduating from Grays School of Art it seems like a non stop rollercoaster for Catherine with work in numerous exhibitions up and down the country and now a full new body of work based on a recent trip to her ancestral home land of Cananda.

When I filmed Catherine about her last show 'Snowblind Eyes' Canada came up quite a lot and seemed to hold this magical place in her heart. So of course a visit to the scenic homeland was going to be inspirational and the resulting paintings seem to have a brought a little of that magic back to Newave Gallery. Although still portraying Catherines distinctive style the new work feels like a progression from where she was this time last year and gives a sense of an artist finding the space around her and enjoying it, much as she did in the Canadian mountains.

'The Narrowing Sky' …

'Dressed In Grey: Emerging Creative Talents from Aberdeen' at SWG3!

After a pretty heavy week in Portugal it was fine to get back to Scotland and reach slightly cooler climes. I made a quick visit to Glasgow to see the 'Dressed In Grey' show at SWG3, a group exhibition which featured Aberdeen based artists, makers, students and musicians. The opening night featured music from  Aberdeen club night Nothing More To Say and gave the new kids a chance to flex some creative muscle in the big city.

I think its quite difficult to break down the barrier between cities, (especially coming from Aberdeen which feels like a mission to get away from) and the cultural players who inhabit them so 'Dressed In Grey' seems like a good format for not only getting work shown outside the grey city but its also a chance to open dialogue with peers and to make new connections with other artists working in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and up North.

'Dressed In Grey' also made me explore a new part of Glasgow, having often taken the train past SWG3 but ne…