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'A Tall Tale' by Laura Mullen at GHAT!

It's always a nice feeling when you get an invite to an exhibition opening and have no idea what to expect. And when that invite comes from Grampian Hospitals Art Trust you know its going to be worth checking out. 'A Tall Tale' is the latest exhibition from Scottish artist Laura Mullen and showcases a variety of paintings which use space and buildings to create a unique visual dialogue. Not knowing anything about Laura I checked out her website and was instantly drawn to her work and the world she's created.

Drone like views of large building complexes and building like shapes fill what appears to be an otherwise blank landscape. People for the most part are reduced to ant like proportions adding to the sense of scale of the buildings but not in a menacing way, the buildings for the most part seem like spaces you might pass through but not necesarily live in which gives Laura's work a transient feeling. 

'A Tall Tale' is on show til the 12th of August at the…

Grays School of Art Degree Show 2016!

Degree show 2016 is done and dusted. Safe to say its been another busy year up at Grays School of Art and I think everyone should feel proud of their work, its been a great show and I've seen a great variety of work across all areas from Communication Design to Painting and Sculpture. I always like to make a few visits to the show as sometimes you need to look a bit closer, a 10 second glance on the opening night isn't really enough to form a fair opinion, especially when you've been hitting the free vino!

And even with a few visits its kind of impossible to photograph everything or to remember everyone, especially when they've ran out of business cards. So rule 1 for next year, make sure you have enough business cards, I wonder if people lose sales because of it? Anyway, across the board students presented some fine bodies of work and produced some really beautiful pieces while some were just strange and sublime! Even with a few visits it was impossible to document eve…