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'Potential' by The Range!

Its been a good year so far for new music and one of the most interesting has been The Range's major label debut for Domino Records, 'Potential'. If you're not familiar with The Range then its worth checking out his previous releases on Donky Pitch, debut album Nonfiction being essential listening. When I first heard James music it was fresh and quite different from my usual indie alternative leanings. Full of energy and interesting vocal samples, its a fine blend of beats and emotive synthesiser lines which feel almost cinematic when blended together, a mean feat for any producer working in the electronic sphere yet still holding a hip hop edge.

And Potential continues in the same vein but adds an even bigger emotional touch. Potential was a passion project which grew from an obsession with finding the right voices for his music and the emotional tone which James wanted to set, almost a concept album for the internet generation. Hundreds of hours spent trawling youtub…

‘Life Is Your Very Own Canvas’ by Penumbra Art at Seventeen!

Penumbra is a Scottish Mental Health Support charity which works across the board with people facing mental health challenges. Yes the dreaded elephant in the room that many of us have had to or will have to deal with at some point. Although the stigma of mental health has changed its still not that visible a topic despite the incredible number of people who face it day to day. Having faced my own problems a few years ago after the sudden death of a close friend I found myself seeking help to deal with the emotional trauma and the sad feelings I experienced in the aftermath at that time. So mental health is an issue that I hold close and will always champion.

Another friend who's always been open and honest about his experiences and has helped me is Steve Murison. I've featured Steve's work before and along with being a talented painter he also works for a mental health charity, Penumbra. Steve mentioned trying to organise an exhibition about a year ago made up from work cr…