Happy New Year!

Its 2016! Everything starts again! Yay! But not really, I think its good for some people to have a cut off point, especially when you feel like you've had a bad year. That fresh start is a chance to move forward and leave some of that shit behind, I'd probably put myself in that category although 2015 had as many highs as it did lows.

Being able to travel and see some amazing places made me feel quite lucky and being able to buy a flat has been a huge thing, although the means for it came from great tragedy but time has helped to soften their burden. One of the original inspirations for becoming a person who does stuff instead of moaning about stuff came from a friends passing and the realisation of how precious our time is and how easily it can be taken away. So I'll just say if you have someone you care about but haven't spoken to in a while send em a message or give em a phone, what I'd give for one more phone call!  

So 2015 is done. And it was a pretty great year for art and creativity. I've managed to hook up with some incredible talents, most recently with Jennifer Argo who took the time to answer some questions about her work, making some cool videos with Catherine Ross, Fiona McCubbins and one of the coolest dudes I've met Ade Adesina! And there was the time I got to skate around Aberdeen Art Gallery before it closed for the big refurb and extension! And the chance to meet and connect with a bunch of great people has always been a key part of keeping myself inspired and there's been an abundance of rad new friends from the Grays Pre Degree Show gang to the Graduates In Residence, Grays continues to be a source of creative energy and wonderment!  

And thats only scratching the surface based on people and events I've managed to engage with, the list of cool shows, artists and happenings is almost endless. There was the wealth of events in Glasgow with shows organised and curated by Recoat Gallery, new print collectives like Ilka and Caitlin Hynes show at Smart Gallery (photos coming soon), the last show at their old space. So although I wish I'd had more time and seen more cool art I can't really feel bad. And what does 2016 hold?

Well more of the same I think. Much more I hope! The flat project is almost done which means I will have an extra 6 months of free time to get out and about. More time for hanging out with amazing artists both old and new, more time for going to see art shows and gigs, more time for seeing my amazing friends and to meet new people and a butt load more time to go skateboarding! And finally more time to work on my own art, I had a good run at it before getting the keys to the flat so that's a few of my goals for 2016 beyond the usual get fit eat healthy puke fest. But I'm gonna do that too. So here's to good times in 2016 and I really hope its a great year for you all too! 3 days gone already so time to get going.

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