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'Work In Progress' at Peacock Visual Arts!

The current show at Peacock Visual Arts looks at "Work In Progress" with a selection of prints crafted by Peacocks own master print maker Michael Waight and assistant James Vass on behalf of some incredible artists. With such a rich history in the print making world its great to celebrate with a bang up to date selection of work. 

As with their 40th Anniversary show 'Work In Progress' is a chance to celebrate the past while also looking to the future as they continue to work and build up new relations with established and up& coming artists. The main gallery space showcases a fine selection of prints and some large scale pieces while the reception gallery space exposes some fine prints created by local artists at Peacocks. Being short on time I only took a couple of phone snaps but did enjoy a chat with Print Curator David McCracken about the work on show and things to come at Peacocks. 

After another busy year 'Work In Progress' is the perfect way to cap i…

'Snowblind Eyes' by Catherine Ross @ Newave Gallery!

A few months back I sat down with painter Catherine Ross to discuss work in her latest exhibition 'Snowblind Eyes' which took place at Newave Gallery in Aberdeen. Since graduating from Grays School of Art Catherine has been appearing in group shows up and and down the country with work in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Newcastle and London. The Newave show marks the first solo show from this talented painter so it seemed like a good point to take stock of where Catherines ideas have evolved from and where she might go next!

Catherine was a great person to chat with, speaking about her past, family history and how it fed into her ideas and paintings. Its almost a shame I didn't leave the camera rolling throughout as we also had a less informal chat about everything covered in the video and more which helped me gain a real insight to the work, its attachement to her beloved Canada, the ideas of freedom and a yearning for the nomad life as epitomised by the teepee models and the …