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Best Girl Athlete at St Machars Cathedral!

Something pretty special happened last night. Local band Best Girl Athlete played the first gig of their short Scottish tour and which brings them to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses in Fraserburgh tonight and Glasgow's Pipe Factory tomorrow. But last night saw them grace the stage of St Machars Cathedral and it was incredible. 

Bringing a host of talented friends with them it wasn't just Best Girl Athlete who blew me away but everyone who played. Philip Joseph Rae delivered a swathe of downtempo, heartfelt songs which dealt with themes all too appropriate for a church setting, the lychen covered gravestones outside must surely have been moved by the performance. And The Great Bear also tackled some deep themes dedicating his first poem to his beloved whom he married in that very church although I'm not sure she was too happy about the wording of his grandfathers poem, alluding to being cheated into marrying a lass on false pretences of imminent child birth. The Great Bea…

'Grimescapes' by Grant McNicoll at Newave Gallery!

'Grimescapes' is Grant McNicolls first show since graduating from Grays School of Art in 2014. Continuing where his degree show left off, Grant explores spaces and their meaning within society whether its the highly curated artist studio or the grimey forgotten back door of a local corner shop. Grants ability to capture the dirt and grit of overlooked spaces is achieved through a combination of techniques including a photo transfer process which is later embelished with hand painted elements, bringing to the fore the graffiti, signs and architectural details while allowing the rest of the image to drift into the background as they often do in real life. 

The series is on display at the newly founded Newave Gallery situated 1 floor up next to Blackfriars pub at the Castlegate. Started by another notable talent Tomasz Wrobel who's incredible painted landscapes stood out at the 2013 degree show. So it looks like there's another reason for graduates from Grays to stick arou…

'Stealing Stuff And Putting It Back Again' by Sarah J Stanley!

Finally, the wait is over, Sarah has made a book. Sarah is one of those people who doesn't seem to sit still, whether its buying a shop and setting up a cafe or working on some new super tech app designs (see her drawings for sale here) her talents know no bounds!

'Stealing Stuff and Putting It Back Again' is Sarahs first foray into the world of publishing although I think shes been building up to it for a while. So what in store for anyone who's brave enough to pre order a copy of Stealing Stuff? Well...... you'll just have to bloody wait and see! It's sure to involve loads of petty theft, a google search, some shit lamps and a whole lot more! Sarah has always possessed a great sense of humour which often shines through in her work but she also has an ability to take on serious issues and some of her app designs are pretty much sheer genius. I'm well getting one of those Slide Phones when they come out!

You can see some snippets from the book below and pre o…

'The Erinsborough Fringe' at BUZZCUT Festival!

Its not every day you get invited to film a live soap opera. But then Susannah Hewlett isn't your average artist. If her name rings a bell then don't be suprised, Su is the woman behind one of the installations from last years Lily & Mim show curated by John Walters and a soap opera fanatic! 

The Erinsborough Fringe was a tribute to the king of soaps, Neighbours who just happen to be celebrating a big birthday this year. But the 2 and a half hour performance didn't just cover dodgy Australian accents and psychopathic cafe owners (when Harold went mad was is my favourite Neighbours memory), instead it explored the wider issues faced by many a soap star like know it all faith leaders, juvenile delinquents and the trials and tribulations, deaths, incest and murder mysteries that many soap families face. It would be fair to say the performance was 2 parts neighbours, 2 parts Eastenders, 1 part River City and 1 part bat shit crazy as evidenced by the stills below! Of course …