Temporary Studio Live # 1!

Its been a busy old time down at the Temporary Studio with openings and events happening over the past 2 weekends. Firstly we had Temporary Studio (Live) which took the idea of an art show and presenting finished work and flipped it round, instead the developmental and the process became the art. Works came from Temp Studio organisers Amber and Kirsty along with pieces from Fiona McCubbin who created some new work on the night, Peter Mcrae who created a new improvised dance performance (you can watch a short clip from it below), Laura Reilly, Kyle Howie whos work was installed via a set of instructions as hes currently living it up in Spain, Karolina Szpyrko, Lauren Milton, designer Carmel Wilkinson-Ayre, a cool neon piece by Jim Buckley and some projections from myself. 

The work in progress element worked quite well especially having Fiona testing out her skills while chatting away to people. Peter's performance was also up lifting and resulted in everyone who attended dancing in a circle with not a care in the world. For my part I showed some of the designs for the Geotypes zine which I launched the weekend after with a small opening. Using After Effects I created a series of short animations to convey the layering process for creating each of the designs which would later make up the zine pages. I think everyone enjoyed being able to look at the work and not quite knowing where it was going to go or what the finished pieces would look like. Certainly the crits the team held the next day threw up some interesting ideas and takes on the work, something I think a lot of artists miss when they leave art school. 

This time it wasn't about the final destination but about the journey and what a lovely bunch of people to have on board! You can find out more about the Temporary Studio project here!

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