C-X-X-X Pre Degree Show at Peacock Visual Arts!

The Pre Degree Show show is always a good opportunity to see what the artists have been up to and how their work is developing. The art school is a fascinating space, seen by many as a weirdo paradise where the more eccentric the outfit the better and who needs to draw when you can make a small mountain out of copper filings and call it art?

But as someone who takes a great interest in artists and their process I think there is a huge amount of value being created in a place like Grays. Artists are not normal people but who wants to be normal? One of the biggest problems facing the council and the many cultural groups like AB+ in creating this cultural understanding in Aberdeen is that its a city full of normal people and they feel like art needs to be studied to be understood and enjoyed. But I find the opposite works for me, a lack of understanding allows me to rely on an emotional reaction and whether its good or bad doesn't matter that much, the general apathy shown by most people is the danger!

But shows like the Pre Degree Show are a chance to address some of these problems and to hopefuly enlighten people a little, give them a chance to explore contemporary work which is both serious and fun. As much as I enjoy seeing a Picasso or a Turner the work being produced at Grays is important and should be recognised as a stepping stone for emerging artists who are in the process of finding their creative voice and hopefuly challenging their viewers a little. Creativity is vital in many areas and job sectors and is the driving force for change whether in the fields of science, engineering or medicine. And its only by embracing this creativity in all its forms that Aberdeen can hope to become a more culturally friendly city which retains some of the wealth of talent thats currently beavering away behind closed doors.

Despite not gaining the coveted City of Culture prize Aberdeen has a lot of offer, you just have to get out there and embrace it and from what I can see these students are certainly doing just that!

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