The Ruthrieston Temporary Studio!

The Ruthrieston Temporary Studio project is the brain child of local artists Amber Robertson and Kirsty Russel. Both are recent graduates of Grays School of Art and they're setting a great example of how to keep up the momentum after art school! 

Amber has been prolific with exhibtions for Smart Gallery and being one of the artists included in the line up for Lily & Mim - A Department Store. Kirsty has been an integral part of the Collage Collective (CC) who've been bringing fresh ideas to the front with their themed zine parties and playful approach to how we view and interact with art, something I'm very much into!

The aims of the Temp Studio are to provide a rolling space which artists are welcome to frequent to make new work, hold open discussion about their ideas and a place to hang out. With Aberdeen severely lacking in an open doors space it seems like the Temp Studio has come along just in the nic of time. Amber & Kirsty have been busy recruiting other artists to share the space with them and have so far organised some low key events including the launch event which saw a screening of Dumbo and a pop up studio which took place on a local bus, rolling its way around Aberdeen.

The next pop up show (Live) will bring together a group of artists (myself included) working in a range of mediums showing work which is either in development or near completion,  pretty cool concept as people will have the chance to see how work is developed and perhaps changed as a result of those process. The full list of artists and event details can be seen here but Peter Mcrae will be one to watch as his performances always exceed my expectations of what performance art can be! 

So the majority of this week will be spent down at the studio working on more Geotype ideas and compiling more ideas and seeing where the journey leads. I'm also hosting a small party on Fridat 27th to launch my first zine, Geotypes # 1 which is a collection of digital images created over a short period of time, exploring minimalism and the use of shape and colour to create pleasing aesthetic results. I'm making a limited amount of card bound zines with 3 different cover designs which will be free to anyone who likes em along with some standard zines. You can get full details about the launch here!

Hopefuly the Ruthrieston Temporary Studio can act as a pilot for what can be done when you give hard working and enthusiastic people into public spaces which are normally reserved for a select group of community custodians. The trust from the team at Ruthrieston has been key to getting the project off the ground and hopefuly through some hard work, networking and bright ideas the Temporary Studio can become a little more permanent. And if not then lets make the most of it while it lasts!

You can keep in the loop via facebook and twitter.

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