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Claude Speeed, The Story So Far......

Claude Speeed is the pseudynom of Edinurgh now Berlin based musician Stuart Turner. It was through the free Lucky Me mixtapes that I first came across the sounds of Claude Speeed and his short lived band American Men. Through the Middle of Sun mixtape (click on the image below and explore all his mixes on the Lucky Me site) by Ali Llyod of AM I discovered a range of sounds which stood in stark contrast to the club thumpers of the other mixes, all of which are worth checking out too but lets focus on Claude.

Being a key figure since the early days of Glasgow's Lucky Me label, Claudes earliest works can be heard woven into the numerous mixes he's created for the label, one of which I used to mix some visuals for BYOB in Glasgow and culminated in the release of Cool World with American Men (listen below). Although short lived American Men crafted some fine tunes with AM System being a personal faveourite. Its interesting how they created such a distinctive sound over such a short …

The Ruthrieston Temporary Studio!

The Ruthrieston Temporary Studio project is the brain child of local artists Amber Robertson and Kirsty Russel. Both are recent graduates of Grays School of Art and they're setting a great example of how to keep up the momentum after art school! 

Amber has been prolific with exhibtions for Smart Gallery and being one of the artists included in the line up for Lily & Mim - A Department Store. Kirsty has been an integral part of the Collage Collective (CC) who've been bringing fresh ideas to the front with their themed zine parties and playful approach to how we view and interact with art, something I'm very much into!

The aims of the Temp Studio are to provide a rolling space which artists are welcome to frequent to make new work, hold open discussion about their ideas and a place to hang out. With Aberdeen severely lacking in an open doors space it seems like the Temp Studio has come along just in the nic of time. Amber & Kirsty have been busy recruiting other artist…

'Same Same, But Different' at The Suttie Art Centre, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary!

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary isn't the first place I think of for incredible contemporary art shows and yet I find myself staring at a bright orange wall, almost overcome by its colourfulness  and the array of audio & visual works on display. How I came to be standing in a room just off one of the main corridors I walked down as a sick kid is kind of important so ill go from the start.

At the start of December I got an email from Fraser MacDonald, co curator of the Suttie Arts Space asking me if I'd be interested in doing something for the blog about their current show. I've often seen some great work up at the hospital although my reasons for being there have never been that good. I'd recently missed Gemma Balfours show and going up to the hospital without an injury has always felt a bit weird. Anyway through various emails with Fraser and few non starts we finally set a date to meet up and have a look at their new space.

I instantly recognised Fraser, tall, bearded, de…