Zine Scene # 1 - Jazz Quotes & Strange Powers!

Zines, cheap to make, super accesible and something you either dig or you dont. And I dig! Almost every visit to Analogue books in Edinburgh would involve scanning through the zine section and picking out a few interesting looking ones to take home. On my last visit to Analogue I picked up a couple of beauties from Lindstrom Effect and John Brown & Matt Swan. 'Jazz Quotes' uses simple shapes and fake quotes to create a zine for cool cats. 'Strange Powers' showcases the penmanship of John Brown & Matt Swan who both fill their pages with detailed doodles and cool characters. Instead of taking a bunch of snaps of the zines I decided to make a short video which you can watch below. Sadly Analogue has now closed for business, a real shame as they were a fantastic shop but they lasted longer than they ever expected so big ups to them! You can purchase Jazz Quotes..... ok you can't its not available online, try your local indie zine cafe and you can purchase Strange Powers here. I had so much fun making this film I've even gone and designed my own zine, coming soon!

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