Like a Phoenix from the Ashes, Stans Studio, Glasgow!

One of the most interesting art ventures in recent years was the Project Slogan gallery and studio. Serving a dual purpose as studio to Grays graduate and Slogan founder Sarah J Stanley but also as a gallery come party come hang out space for artists and like minded individuals, Slogan was a little bit special.

From the controversial window at the Torry space to the pay what you want cafe in Wasps, Slogan was a beacon for anyone who wished to consume their art in a different way, taking the emphasis away from the hushed high brow posturing of the major gallery and replacing it with a welcoming environment where a wide range of work was shown from high end installation pieces to low brow illustrations and paintings and a really strong emphasis on student shows. Slogan might have been Sarah's baby but we all nurtured it and it was good. 

Of course funding problems, lack of support from the Council and Wasps management all led to the eventual collapse of what was Aberdeen's main alternative gallery. And the void hasn't really been filled since, where else could you go for a freshly made sandwich, enjoy some Jack Teagle paintings, pick up a new zine and have a good chat with the owner before deciding how much you actually wanted to pay for your lunch? And the opening nights and parties were always fun filled events where you would meet cool people. Alas it is no more.

Thankfuly a move to Glasgow has led Sarah to start a new venture taking all the things that made Slogan so good and adding a bit of social awareness to create Glasgow's first pay what you want cafe. Ladies and gentleman, a big round of applause for Stan's Studio! Situated in the East End of Glasgow in an old hairdressers shop, it combines all the elements of Project Slogan but with a fresh start and a fresh energy that is incredibly exciting. Serving a range of cakes, home made soups and their own special blend coffee supplied my Mr Eion Coffe Roasters of Edinburgh. The shop is open to everyone and will be hosting a load of exhibitions over the coming year and already has a couple of small exhibitions under its belt.

Tonight will be the shops first Christmas party, the first of many I hope, just wish I could make it down.But if your in Glasgow and your looking for a delicious soup or a fresh coffee then Stan's has got you covered!

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