Tycho at The Art School, Glasgow!

A few months ago I discovered a new ear worm in the form of Tycho. Dive is one of those albums that floats along nicely and takes you on a little journey. I'd first heard about Tycho via his graphic design alias ISO50. The ever talented Stuart Simpson had one of his prints showing a bear walking across a kind of rainbow bridge, although it sounds like a hipster cliche it was actually quite a cool graphic which stuck in my brain.

So years later matching up the cool cover art of Tycho's Dive and Awake albums with that ISO50 print was serendipitous. I've been zoning out to Dive for a few months now and like with most new music I discover I got into a research mission which usually includes trying to see them live. Dublin a week after my birthday was on the cards but didn't happen for various reasons but soon after the Glasgow date was announced. In the meantime Tychos profile seem to get bigger week by week with some amazing singles and videos from the new album Awake doing the rounds along with a special live appearance on Boiler Room San Francisco (see video at the bottom, its good!) resulting in only a few tickets on the door for the gig. Thankfully after some akward milling about in the venues foyer I managed to purchase my tickets, get a shower and make it back in time to catch the start of their set!

What followed was over an hours worth of beautiful and dreamy instrumental music which took everyone in the room on a journey. Watching the guy in front of us break out into uncontrollable dancing while everyone else nodded away was kinda funny but then the urge to move overtook more people and the room got more and more engrossed in the music. Repetitive guitars, dreamy synth lines and some incredible drumming melded to form some incredible sounds. The band also had a full size projection screen going on which really added to the music, just as the albums artwork tries to convey the complex arrangement of music the visuals for each song seemed to be directing the viewer towards some kind of deeper understanding. If you check out their Boiler Room set you'll get an idea of the vibes they emit when performing, it was truly special to witness. You can check out some photos from the show below and if you get the chance go see em, just be prepared for a multi sensory overload and euphoric unplanned head bobbing!

P.S. I missed the support act Christopher Willits but check him out, its all about the vibes! 

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