Kaffe Fasset Colour Clash at Aberdeen Art Gallery!

Aberdeen Art Gallery has been doing something quite strange, its been opening its doors to the public after hours. The first event saw WW1 come to life through a series of activities and art pieces to help mark 100 years since the start of WW1, check out some snaps here.

So with an amazingly colourful exhibition of work from Kaffe Fasset on display it seems Colour Clash was a good name for the next event. While hoardes of people qued up to enter the depressing world of the Oktoberfest beer tent on Union Terrace a very different group of people qued to get into the Art Gallery for a special evening of colour and fun! A 30 minute wait in the brisk evening air was worth it as I have never seen the Art Gallery so buzzing and so alive. People of all ages milling about, admiring not just the Fasset exhibition but all the displays in the gallery. 

Along with the main exhibition the gallery had teamed up with The Tippling House to provide a selection of fine beverages, local DJs Grill Cosby and Ali Ambient provided the sounds and local creatives provided a range of workshops with Real Nice Collectives Katie Shiach and Emily Moore on hand with special screen prints ready to be pulled by your own fair hand, its the first time I've ever printed something and hopefuly not the last! Philip Thompson was helping people create their own unique geometric colour patterns which you can see here and to top it off you could take part in your own Kaffe Fasset photo shoot modelling some of his most famous pieces, check out the fashion cats here

All in all a pretty great event which brought out a wide cross section of creatives and people who were ready to try something different and major kudos to the gallery staff for pulling together such a fun event. You can see the full set of photos by Grant Anderson from the event here, be sure to follow Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums on Facebook and check out the exhibition video below for some cool insights into the man behind the colours! 

Kaffe Fassett: 50 Years in Colour from Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums on Vimeo.

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