A Visit to NUART Festival 2014!

After years of seeing the amazing murals dotted around Stavanger via blogs and magazines I decided it was time to make a trip over to see for myself what NuArt Festival was all about. 

The NuArt concept is a relatively simple one, secure big walls in public spaces and invite a host of graffiti and street artists to paint public murals combined with an indoor exhibition held at a local arts space. Simple in theory but I'm sure a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into each festival as they try to keep the artists involved at the cutting edge of both Street art and graffiti. Along with the artists a whole host of creative curios embark on their individual missions to get in on some of the Nuart action. 

The festival it seems has gone from strength to strength with videos and photos from previous years regularly doing the rounds and the out put from this years show has been just as prolific with Juxtapoz magazine sharing numerous articles from past and present, in fact it was through Juxtapoz that first found out about the festival. Fecal Face have some great articles too and VNA Magazine have a full interview with Tilt! Although we didn't manage to find all the pieces the experience of stumbling upon cherry pickers with men painting high in the sky and small scale pieces like the Evol tower blocks made it a worthwhile trip.

Some highlights that we didn't get to witness first hand included the Tilt grenade, watch the fly by here, Andreco's economy vs environment piece, Icy & Sots incredible stencil piece and ±MAISMENOS± political comment on Norways non EU Member status. We did manage to catch the opening of Sandra Chevriers latest show down at the dock side in the awesome Reedprojects Gallery space. Her work was a mixture of fine art portaiture with comic book collage yet there wasn't a hint of geek chic at all, just really beautiful and thoughtful works. Following the opening we headed along to Fight Club aka The Pub Debate between Juxtapoz editor in chief Evan Pricco & Vandalog founder RJ Rushmore battling it out against two participating artists on the topic of Muralism vs Activism, I'm still trying to figure out who won!

You can check out a selection of photos from the trip below but I highly recommend following NuArt Festival on instagram & Facebook, check some more articles on Juxtapoz and get ready for Nuart Festival 2015!  

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