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C.S. Buchan, Best Girl Athlete & Fit Like Records!

C.S. Buchan is a name that's popped up on the blog a few times now, mostly for his rather beautiful music. And things have evolved quite a lot since I first became aware of Charley and his immense talents. Firstly his incredibly talented daughter who sings on much of his Material Others album has kicked off her own solo career under the guise of Best Girl Athlete. The name comes from a sports award Katie won a few years back so she is actually the Best Girl Athlete! So C.S. Buchan will be continuing to write and record but for the next wee while all efforts will be going into Best Girl Athlete who is writing her own material. You can listen to fruits of her labour so far on her Soundcloud page and also hear an exclusive track 'Hills' on the latest Glasgow Podcart. Also if that wasn't enough CS & Best Girl made a guest appearance on The Wab Labs special Tryptamines Galactic Synchronisation Experiment which you can watch here (warning does contain broad Scottish acce…

Faile x Bast 'Deluxx Fluxx Arcade' @ Summerhall, Edinburgh!

So some of the biggest names in Street Art have held their first major exhibition in Scotland and its pretty special! I first heard about Faile and Bast a few years ago via Pictures on Walls who specialise in limited edition prints from some of the biggest names in street art and graffiti. You know those Banksy prints that people sell for £5000 and up, PoW are the ones who printed them and used to sell them for £200 a pop, just wish I'd actually liked some of them but hey ho. Along with Banksy they create editions for Invader, 3D, Pete Fowler and Faile & Bast

It was perusing these printed editions that brought Faile to my attention, their retro comic book styled graphics instantly stood out. At a time when many were simply appropriating and recreating already iconic images Faile seemed to be taking a different approach not only recreating but adding their own twist, subverting the images and creating something new and yet old. The same can be said for Bast, taking iconic Disn…

'Laptop Lapdance EP' by My Dry Wet Mess on Fine Grains!

Fine Grains bring you another heavy duty vinyl release from Berlin based My Dry Wet Mess. Gio spent the last few years building his own sounds and putting out releases on various labels, continually developing his craft and pushing his unique vision which is an interesting mix of dance music that works just as well in the club as it does on the living room turntable.

The Laptop Lapdance EP is MDWM first vinyl release and features 4 original cuts showcasing his production skills which weave around and reveal an interesting soul behind all the electronics and gadgets used to make the music. Of course being the son of Ennio Morricone's bass player and being introduced to hip hop and sampling at a young age probably played a part.

The flip side features a host of remixes from Glasgow's Auntie Flo's, Dam Mantle and 2 finely crafted remixes from Ikonika. The EPs artwork is also worth a mention featuring some cool design from Fine Grains founder Alex Horne, check out more of his de…