The Adelphi Lane Mural & Sir David Gill Exhibition!

A few weeks ago some artists from the Owlcat Artist Collective were commisioned to create a special mural for the Adelphi Lane. The Adelphi Lane has often been overlooked but thanks to the Adelphi Kitchen and some forward thinking city folk the lane has become an attraction both for the eyes and the belly, just check out their facebook page!

At first I wasn't that fond of the mural in progress but as the artists started to fill in the blanks it came together nicely and really does show off some of Aberdeen's rich heritage. One bug bear I have though is that none of the news outlets who covered the story really mentioned Sir David Gill who appears in the mural. A prominent astronomer and pioneer of navigation techniques for his time, Gill is someone from Aberdeen's history who should be celebrated and has been with the Maratime Museum exhibition celebrating his life in Aberdeen and his achievements. The show closed at the end of March but was on while the murals were being painted just a minute up from the museum but none of the news outlets mentioned this, and if I had pulled my finger out I might have been able to write this sooner. You can still check out the special booklet produced by the Maratime about Sir David Gill available for download here.

Moans aside its great to see a fresh use of public space that can hopefully lead to more opportunities for public art of this nature and a better use of boarded up buildings and dead space like the old E&Ms building next to Jamie's Italian or the mega wall now surrounding the old council head quarters site!

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