'No More Nails' by Allan Watson @ Smart Gallery!

If you didn't make it along to Smart Gallery this past weekend then you missed out on a rather stunning show by Alan Watson. 'No More Nails' brought together a selection of works which looked at wood as a material along with carpentry skills and an interest in scale. 

A series of logging postcards were given a digital overhaul, highlighting the use of rivers to float the logs down to the processing plants. Seeing the volume of trees in each scaled up postcard is almost breath taking, especially knowing the effort it must have taken to cut down a single tree pre mechanical saws! 2 giants prints sit in the back room showing the various tree logos used by both the logging industry and the forestry services, some pleasure and some for profit I guess. An interesting mixture anyway.

3 mini carpenters benches fill the window bay, perfectly scaled down and complete with the wear and tear usually associated with such a tool. Along with the scaled down benches stands a tower of mini pallet crates. A common site on many an industrial estate but they take on a different context when stacked up to form a giant mini cube in the gallery. Again they perfectly replicate their full size counterparts and seem to fill the space all the same. I wonder what kind of miniature delights could be shipped on such pallets?

The walls are adorned with a set up technical diagrams for making a stand with a mini replicated version sitting nicely at the end. The process and knowledge required to make such a fine stand is there for all to see and is way more advanced than your typical Ikea flat pack!

The back rooms has become a homage to the humble hammer. A selection of found hammers hang framed up, weather worn and well used, each one embeded with a story of their own. Its funny how a universal tool and shape can have such character, I personally found myself drawn to a smaller deformed hammer that had obviously seen a lot of use (check the first individual hammer pic below). 

So another great show from Smart and a nice interview video with the artist to explain some of his ideas behind the work. The next show by Steven Cox opens to the public on Saturday 3rd of May so be sure to pop along!

Five Minutes With....Allan Watson from Flux Video on Vimeo.

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