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'No More Nails' by Allan Watson @ Smart Gallery!

If you didn't make it along to Smart Gallery this past weekend then you missed out on a rather stunning show by Alan Watson. 'No More Nails' brought together a selection of works which looked at wood as a material along with carpentry skills and an interest in scale. 

A series of logging postcards were given a digital overhaul, highlighting the use of rivers to float the logs down to the processing plants. Seeing the volume of trees in each scaled up postcard is almost breath taking, especially knowing the effort it must have taken to cut down a single tree pre mechanical saws! 2 giants prints sit in the back room showing the various tree logos used by both the logging industry and the forestry services, some pleasure and some for profit I guess. An interesting mixture anyway.

3 mini carpenters benches fill the window bay, perfectly scaled down and complete with the wear and tear usually associated with such a tool. Along with the scaled down benches stands a tower of mini p…

The Last Stand by Marc Wilson @ Peacock Visual Arts!

So along with the wonderful Preserve Print show Peacocks also have a great exhibition in the main gallery with photographs by Marc Wilson. Marc has spent the last 4 years documenting a huge part of our war time history in the shape of the concrete bunkers, towers and barracks which now sit like forgotten monuments to a by gone age. 'The Last Stand' is an apt name for this body of work as many of the sites are falling into the sea, soon to be buried and lost forever which seems quite sad when you think about the purpose of these buildings.

Even along our own unique stretch of coast line you will find the distinctive pill boxes, slowly descending into sandy graves along the Don Mouth and the heavy anti tank concrete blocks, protecting against land invasion from abroad are left unprotected from their own environment. Thankfully Marc has taken on the task of documenting as many sites as he can both in Britain and abroad. The selection of his photos show a uniform approach to his su…

Monday Mixtape # 28 - Audio Vavafesto 6!

Todays mixtape come from VaVa Records, an interesting mix kicking off with Radiohead and my current favourites Future Island. Ill need to try and get a track list as there's some gems in this mix and an awesome way to start the week!

'Preserve Print' @ Peacock Visual Arts!

Preserve Print is that beautiful calm before the storm when 4th year printmaking students from Grays School of Art get to show off their work in a pre degree show show. The pressure is probably just starting to build up as dissertations are handed in and work begins on the final push for June but the pre degree show is time to take stock and look at the story so far. 

The walls in Peacocks reception gallery are adorned with works ranging from traditional prints, patch works and sculptural pieces. Print makers seem to have a knack for pushing the boundaries of what print making can be and this years troupe are no exception. Along with the current 4th years you can view work from the current Graduates in Residence Lauren & Kirsty who stayed on at Grays for an extra year to use the facilities and produce new work, you can check out photos from their own mini exhibition in the Grays reception here

As always there's some great work on display with the circular string piece and the …