The Little Kicks - Put Your Love In Front Of Me!

Very few local bands have taken their craft to the level of The Little Kicks and their one off warehouse album launch last year was testament to that. Bringing together all their friends in a unique space to celebrate the launch of an album that they've put some sweat into must have been quite satisfying. Even more satisfying was being in the audience listening to the new tunes and seeing the band play a blinder of a gig. You can check out some photos from the night here.

My only gripe is that Aberdeen audiences don't fully appreciate how great a band they are. I would have loved to see them playing on one of their many European dates last year, just check out their Rockstone Session and especially with Steve Bruce in tow on sound and driving duties.


Put Your Love In Front Of Me is a step forward and a step in a good direction bringing in more disco grooves and a little nod to Donna Summer with that distinctive synth on Heartbreak Pt 1. Lead single 'Girl' was like a slap to the face with its smooth grooves and piercing guitar, also complemented by a swish video by Ricky Gibb and Sam Brill. 'Heartbreak Pt 2' shows a heavier side which was one of my highlights from the album launch, hearing the band get into a groove, pummeling you like a freight train! 'Modern Romance' is a nice change of pace with a stripped back sound a'la Grizzly Bear, showing off Steve's gentler side. There's still a decent selection of indie bangers with 'This Mess Were In' and 'Stop Repeating' bringing The Little Kicks sound full circle again. 

You can stream the new album in full here but if you want to get the full experience then go see them live, I hear tour dates will be announced soon so keep an eye on their Facebook page. Also you can get the album on limited edition white vinyl along with some merch bundles here, you can't really beat listening to vinyl and I'm working on a little video about that so watch this space. Also its worth checking out their Soundcloud page where you can find remixes and mixtapes along with some tunes that have been floating their boat.

Finally, its impossible to speak about The Little Kicks without thinking of Steve Bruce who did the sound for most of their gigs these past few years and eagerly headed off on tour with the band across Europe. Steve was a super positive influence and was passionate about the band, a testament to the quality of their music and was one of the best sound engineers in the North East. He always made me smile and always had time for a chat, he is sorely missed by many. 

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