The Bake Haus Compilation by Try Industries!

Try Industries have been responsible for some fine threads and tees over the past couple of years but whats that, you haven't heard of em? Well I wouldn't want to shed too much light on things but you can check out some of their wares in the shop here.  

In a collaboration with Bake Haus they bring you the Bake Haus Compilation, a gathering of tracks from artists and producers who have graced the Bake Haus stage and some who will be appearing at future events. Get some exclusive tracks from Grobbie, otoh, Tiltmode and the nights founders Zubuntu and ¥oin. At a time when bands are regurgitating and pulling from the past its the electronic producers, the underground kids who are pushing music and sound forward. Not coming from a dance or electronic music background I hear these songs and its like hearing a synthesizer for the first time, sharp and crisp, pitched up vocals and rhythms that make you wanna move. Its incredible to think most of these tracks have been created with nothing more than a decent laptop and a midi keyboard. Its also interesting to note how these songs work on a couple of different levels whether your rocking about town with your earphones in or getting down and sweaty in Origin, a sign of the talents that produced them perhaps. 

Check out the Bake Haus Compilation on the player below or cop a download here!

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