Original Pirate Material - The Wab Lab Radio Experiments!

The Wab Lab Radioshow is the brainchild of DJ extraodinaire Kid Proquo. Rather than waffle a load of guff about it here's the whats, who's and whys....

"The Wab Lab Radio Show - A rough around the edges sound experiment. All in good fun, with good tunes and a good vibe. Broadcasting out is the new staying in...

The Wab Lab is an Aberdeen based experimental internet radio station created in honour of good friends and good times from original Wab Lab recordings. Sometimes it works... Sometimes, not so much. But in amongst the madness there's moments of pure genius and always a vibe of fun and love for the music from all our laboratory technicians.

Expect live jams, DJ sets and MCing from local friends and UK wide artists consisting of everything from Dub/Reggae Hip-hop, Bass, Trap, Funk, Soul, and Down-tempo right out to Dubstep, Jungle, Dnb, House (deep, tech, funky, acid, jackin'), Minimal, Techno and even doses of good ol' metal.

Also local live bands of all flavours in and out of the studio. Wherever there's some of that internet, we'll broadcast it!"

If like me you find going out a bit much and would rather stay in re arranging those kitchen cupboards then why not let The Wab Lab in and bring all the fun of the club into your home via these impressive radio waves! Mixing it up in good company the show is mishmash of genres and styles and depends on who's in the studio that day, Cruicky brings some smooth hip hop swag grooves while Adeen legend Pigsy hosts a special Metal show, I'm guessing the smoke was thick in the studio that night! 

Although broadcast infrequently you can keep up to speed via their facebook page where details about up coming shows will be posted in due course but if you miss it then I don't think the Wabs will be too sad, doing it for their own enjoyment seems to be a key component and there's a years worth of shows to catch up on anyway so check out their Soundcloud page, turn on, tune in and drop out!

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