National Theatre 'SETS' @ Smart Gallery!

A bit gutted that I missed this show as I've always had a love for the minature, especially the architecture models which litter the tables at the Scott Sutherland School. 'SETS' showcased scale models produced for The National Theatre of Scotland, designs which would later be scaled up to real size and used for their unique stage show productions. No details are overlooked from brick walls to furniture and even the actors themselves being represented, helping to give a sense of what the final stage might look like.

Not all of the 'SETS' shown made it to the big stage, as with any prototyping exercises changes are made, ideas are revised and things sometimes deviate into new and interesting places. Some of the models below were made for A Christmas Carol, A Doll's House, An Appointment with the Wickerman, In Time O' Strife, Macbeth, My Shrinking Life & The Miracle Man to name a few. The Wickerman model in particular looks cool and its amazing to see the scaled up ward set for Macbeth the same as its miniature model shown! The show finished on the 9th of March but you can check out some photos of the models and a behind the scenes video about the show below. 

Its non stop for Smart at the moment though with current show 'No More Nails' open to the public, ill be nipping in to check that out and also this weekend see's the special 'Glass House' Contemporary Art, Craft & Design Fair kicking off in Westhill so be sure to get out for a look!

Five Minutes With.... The National Theatre of Scotland from Flux Video on Vimeo.

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