Let It Bleed - Sound and Visions from the Archive!

For the past 4 or 5 years I've been tasked with providing a range of visual aides to the Let It Bleed club nights with a massive selection of special guest DJs and local legends, Giles in particular being a DJ whom can play to almost any crowd and get everyone up dancing. 

As with any thing you care about I try to put in a lot of time and energy into making up visuals. Taking the time to transfer old films, cutting up logos and making original visuals is a pretty time consuming task. Even the methods by which I show the visuals is hands on, a non digital approach in an age of digital ease but this stops me getting bored. Seeing that Care Bears clip synch up perfectly with a techno hit is magical, also being able to let the crowd know who is behind the decks is handy as when the smoke machines are pumping and the lights are buzzing it could be anybody up there! After a while you figure out visuals that work and build up a set of sorts like a dj you have to keep adding to it and improving it and sometimes you gotta can everything you've done before and start from scratch. 

I've been lucky getting to create visuals for Let It Bleed and by default some of the biggest DJ's from across the globe, Felix Da Housecat, The 2 Bears, Pete Tong, Mylo and 2 Many Djs to name a few have all passed through town at some point. And I've been keeping a record of it with photos and videos from the events along with the live visuals and sounds. Its only when looking back on these sets that I get an idea of what worked and what didn't. Over the past few months I've been adding some bits to the Let It Bleed youtube page along with event promos and a few playlists featuring videos from the dance floor. I'm really proud of the work I've done so far and really want to keep pushing the visuals, it'll never be as important as the music but I think it adds to the atmosphere. I've only ever had one instance where someone boasted to me about their friend doing the visuals for 2 Many Djs at The Forum and I didn't have the heart to call him out on it, least he thought it was cool and worth boasting about!


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