'The Bestiary' by Phlegm at Howard Griffin Gallery!

Phelgm is the alias of Sheffield based graffiti artist ....... Phelgm? Ok so I don't know his real name and to be honest it doesn't really matter. What matter is that his work is incredible. What also matters is that I was told about his show and given directions by a member of staff at StolenSpace Gallery and although I took a couple of wrong turns when I finally found the derelict shop front and saw the work I was in awe!

The first thing is the sheer volume of work on display. Floor to ceiling of painted jars containing all manner of mythical creatures, many of Phlegm's own signature characters but also a few guest appearance from some other big names in the graffiti / street art world. Your sucked down into this world of caged creatures, floating heads, amputated limbs and then you come out into a clearing, an open space where the characters and the animals are literally coming out of the walls! I don't think I've ever really seen a show like it, the paintings have this weird effect of creating their own reality, they exist in their own world but its a world you want to jump into. Or at least I did till I saw the bodies being flung about by a giant octopus! 'The Bestiary' has a perfect balance between the scary and the beautiful, a real highlight from a trip full of highs.  

I don't know if Phlegm will ever make it this far North but if he ever does he is more than welcome to bring his unique characters with him, I've got a garden wall that could use a good beasting! You can keep an eye on Phlegm's work via facebook, his blog and you can see some more snaps of the show here and here.                 

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