London - Part 3!

If your in London it can be overwhelming with so many options and things to see and do. For me I like exploring and the best way to do that would be on a skateboard, not one of the small hipster ones but a proper skateboard. However bag restrictions meant I had to leave the plank at home and instead I've been relying on my old feet to get me about and I've covered a fair few miles. 

A walk around Brick Lane and Shoreditch is always eventful with lots of big name Street Artists work on display from D*Face and Shepard Fairey to Anthony Lister and Smug, all you have to do is keep your eyes open. Although I did spend a good hour looking for a Miss Van piece I spotted the night before but I kept missing the street but this led me to finding some amazing alleyways filled with amazing work by Swoon and a cool Keith Haring tribute piece. It was quite nice to see some of Swoon's work up close as we'd just been to the launch of VNA # 25 which features her as the cover artist, just wish I had a spare £40 to buy the limited screen printed cover. 

Along with seeing lots of cool street art I got a wee tour of cool places from Alex who runs Fine Grains Records. Arts venue Jaguar Shoes seemed to have a perfect mix of art and music with a super laid back bar and a rotating roster of artist's work on display. The current work is by Lizzy Stewart and the full size wall pieces added a nice vibe to the space and it will be changing again when the next artist is invited to put their magic touch on things.

A big part of my trip has been spent running about meeting up with old friends and Neets is one worth mentioning since this is an arts blog and she is an artist. In fact Anita is the first artist I worked with when I started the blog, filming her over a 2 week period while she drew all over the old Project Slogan space way back in 2008, check that out here! Its always great to find out what people are up to and it seems like Anita has a lot of plans for 2014 with new drawings on the way, an online print shop in the works and working on her own music in between the day job makes for a busy Neets. You can check out more of her work via her Facebook page.

While I was waiting for Anita I spotted some rather dark skulls in the Shall Adore Tattoo shop window. 'La Mort Skulls' are hand crafted by Paul Eastwood and certainly appealed to my dark side. Also the building has a giant face on it but you can only see it from across the road.

A quick tube south of the river brought me to Borough Market where I stumbled across more amazing work by SheOne and El Tono. I also got some amazing fish & chips from a little place called 'FISH' worth checking out if your down that way. Dazed and battered after a day of running about I was finally ready to relax in preparation for a whirlwind trip through to Bristol!

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