C.C. Present ..... @ Cellar 35!

C.C. is a new venture from a group of local artists who want to fit as much as possible into one night. Their first event took place in January and mixed things up with live music, djs, on the spot screen printing, an exhibition wall, film screenings and bad dancing! I can testify to the bad dancing, it was horrible! I contacted one of the organiser's to get a bit more info about the night and got a great reply back.
"CC was started by Tako and began with a few of our friends/colleagues from both Gray's School of Art and Aberdeen University meeting at Café Contour on the Green (Who we forgot to mention on the night - massive thank you to the Contour guys for all the support!). We started of unsure of what we wanted to do and it became clear that we were going to occupy a lot of spheres of culture; writing; art; music etc. We all work in different areas so can cover a lot of ground, but also have a lot of common interests so we're hoping that the great support network we've been a part of thus far will continue.

The CC Presents… event came about as a result of us wanting to have some sort of ''Opening Night'' just an event where we could showcase work, play some music, have a  drink and introduce the people of Aberdeen to our collective. The important thing was that it be accessible; we take our work seriously but we didn't want it to be a high-brow event. Just some food for thought, and a fun night, which I think we provided. We tried to offer a taster of what we're trying to do; a small-scale exhibition of work from several of our members, an acoustic set from Harri Abbott and Josh Fuchs and we had local DJ's later in the night providing an opportunity to take part in the bad dancing advertised as part of the night. haha

As well as it presenting ourselves to Aberdeen, the events giving us more motivation to produce work, and present it in the public sphere. We have a few projects going on right now; producing a music video for one of our members, working on producing our own Aberdeen-based Zine and hopefully organising some more nights that'll be as fun as our first one was!"

So whats the deal? "Founded in 2013 the collective arose from a need to create a space that catered to a wider kind of creativity, and through this engage a broader audience. As a collective our work traverses many territories, in an attempt to permeate the daily fabric of society. Words we like to keep in mind: playful / diverse / approachable / live / evolving / fluid / support / accepting / visible"

So thats the deal. And after only 1 event I can testify that the words above quite accurately describe C.C. I only managed to see a small part of the night having work the next day but I'm glad I went along, met some old faces and saw some new ones. Its great to see new people willing to put themselves out there although they really needed a bigger venue, I didn't fancy fighting my way through the crowd to see the art and films but seeing such a mixed crowd in cellar 35 supporting something new and fresh was great. 

I'm sure there will be more events coming soon so keep an eye on their website for details and big thanks for Sean for the words and Caitlyn for the use of her photos. And next time I will bring a t shirt, gutted I missed out!              

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