Bristol - Part 4!

The final leg of my trip took me to Bristol, home of Banksy, Mr Jago and the Upfest Festival. After the heady art highs of London I thought it would be impossible to top but Bristol managed to blow the doors off! Public murals adorn many walls and buildings but its the cities 'Upfest' that provided the biggest buzz.  

"Upfest - The Urban Paint Festival, created in 2008 between three crazy but art loving individuals. Inspired by Super Cans (Southampton), Cans Festival (London) and the growing number of paint jams around the UK, Upfest was born". Bringing a host of National and International artists to Bristol, the festival aims to brighten up the urban sprawl which is mingled with Bristols more historical buildings. The festival has grown and evolved but its left some pretty lasting marks on the Bristol landscape including a few pieces by Mark Lyken, a nice find after getting lost trying to find his mural in Hackney a few days before.

Although I only had a day in Bristol I managed to see a lot including the Olde pub where Treasure Island was written, some amazing works by some of my favourite artists, ate some good food including an Atomic Burger surrounded by toys from my childhood and finally got to see old friends in their adopted home. Next time ill make sure I have a few more days as I think there's a lot more to Bristol and I can't wait to see how its changed!   

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