Peter Drew, Street Artist!

Last summer while making my way to the train station in Glasgow I spotted a strange looking character pasted on a building and had no idea what it was about, the speech bubble proclaiming "How infinite in faculty!" did give me much to go on either. Then a few months later while flicking through VNA I find another picture of a stripey topped character with the pixel face with another quote. Eventually I found out the paste up were done by Australian street artist Peter Drew who was studying in Glasgow at the time and got into a bit of bother for his artistic adventures.

It was nice to take a trip down the rabbit hole and to find out a little more about Peter and his other projects like "Home" which featured paste up portraits of his friends & family and "Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws" which saw vintage mug shots pasted up around his home town and of course his ongoing "Pixel Face" which features many variations including Hamlet quotes and try to "convey the flatness and banality of human emotions as they pass through technology". You can check out a selection of his pixel face pieces below and hit up his facebook page to keep in the loop, defo worth keeping an eye on if you like interesting and thoughtful street art!

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