Fine Grains Release Cain's "Mora EP" & Christmas Compilation!

Been a bit slow off the bat with a lot of stuff so maybe ill spend the next few weeks playing catch up. And to start with I wanted to highlight the second release from Fine Grains with Cain's Mora EP which dropped last September with launch parties in both London and Aberdeen! This digital release covers some interesting ground and sounds like the polar opposite of the Scottish bunker in which it was created, music made in remote isolation yet perfect for the sweaty club or running across the urban sprawl! 

Title track 'Mora' seems to fizz with energy and a dark undercurrent, almost unsettling but a strong rythm and tribal chants bring a nice flavour to the track. Each track brings a variation on that energy and darkness theme but veers off in subtley different directions but works together as a whole and works as a full EP and not just one solid track and a bunch of fillers. The description from Fine Grains sums it up nicely, "Mora, roughly translated as nightmare from Old Slavic languages, is the beginning of Cain's journey. Raw, complex and highly addictive rhythms fizzle through broken beats and bass." Featuring a remix from Hyperdub trio LV the release has got all bases covered.

Check out 'Mora' below and download the EP here!

Also in the last few weeks label head Uraki Riddim put together a free Christmas Compilation which you can get for free through the Fine Grains Facebook page. Check out Fitzroy North's contribution below along with tracks from MDWM, Cain & OL.

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