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Polytope Brooches by Cameron Duguid!

The ever talented Cameron Duguid has produced some rather nice brooches combining fine wooden grains with geometric polytopes. The results as you can see below are pretty neat!  A pretty nice gift for someone this Christmas or perhaps a treat for yourself, either way these look cool, modern and classic at the same time, a winning combination. Get one while you can via Camerons bigcartel now.

Brooches from Cameron Duguid on Vimeo.

Let It Bleed Presents Daniel Avery @ Snafu!

I've had quite close ties to the Let It Bleed nights since I first created some visuals for the Pat Mahoney gig back in 2009. For each event I do my best depending on time and energy to create interesting visuals which help to create a special atmosphere and when you can't really see who's stepping up to the turntables sometimes a big glaring piece of text with the artists name can be handy! I've recorded a fair bit of the visuals over the years and have just recently started archiving them online via the Let It Bleed Youtube Channel. Sometimes its good to look back at stuff you've done in the past to help you move forward. Many of the visuals videos are paired with the live set from the night but others have a mix from the artists to give you a flavour of what the nights were like, usually big sweaty affairs with a lot of people enjoying themselves.

For the next Let It Bleed we have Daniel Avery coming to Sanfu for a special 3 hour DJ set. Normally a big name will …

The BP Portrait Award @ Aberdeen Art Gallery!

Its been a while since I wandered into Aberdeen Art Gallery so I was delighted to find the BP Portrait Award show is in town. The Portrait Award is always worth checking out, there's always at least 1 painting which blows me away and this year there's been a few. The only problem is how to relay what they were as photography is forbidden as I found out when the steward came up and asked me to delete the pictures I'd taken, and then followed me around for the rest of my visit. But the great thing about a show like this is it makes you wan't to investigate more so I quickly jotted down the names of the artists whose work I liked and after a bit of Google searching I've managed to find a nice selection from the show. However you can't beat popping in and seeing the whole thing in the flesh so if you get a chance make sure you pop down, its free after all!

Here's my personal highlights in no particular order.

Its really great to see such fresh work from an intern…