WLD WLVS x Conzo Throb "Straigh Tae The Meat" Tee Collab!

It was a good while ago now but I remember walking up to Neil's house in Rosemount and spotting this rather strange sticker on a bus shelter, an almost bubble like character with a cheeky face. It stood out being plastered on this dull green bus shelter window and left me wondering who'd pasted it? 

Then a year or so later WLD WLVS reveal a rather wacky new t shirt design which bears some resemblance to the above mentioned character, something about the lines. Well it turns out both were done by the same person, a rather talented artist who goes by the name Conzo Throb! His name always brings to mind a throbbing........ well anyway his name instantly brings back the memory of his sticker and a quick search through his website reveals a whole world of people all bearing their makers mark. 

Conzo's work adorns public walls, private offices and black books, hailing from a graff background but moving into new realms with a host of super cool projects like the WLD WLVS collab, his Tapps Aff vinyl figure & basically every wall he's painted in the last 3 years! Throwing down some serious top notch work and its really cool to see collaborations filtering up the way and not just down South. 

You can keep an eye on Conzo via his Facebook page (well worth checking out all his pics) and you can cop one of his WLD WLVS Tees here.

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