Siobhan Ogg @ North East Open Studoios!

My good friend Siobhan made the long journey up to Aberdeen from Glasgow to take part in the 10th year of NEOS (North East Open Studios) showcasing her rather beautiful prints. Siobhan taps into the spirit of the natural world, pulling different elements and crafting them into fine objects which I have to admit will add that much needed something to my own walls! In an age of over thought, over worked design Siobhan is stripping things back and still managing to make inspired work, I think sometime less can be more and its certainly true in this case. Also you can't go far wrong with mountains and icebergs! 

I'm a little sad that I didn't make to any of the hundreds of Open Studio events taking place across the North East but at least I can say I visited the best one! To buy prints, see up dates and more check out Siobhan Ogg Design & Illustration here!

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