SheOne [S1] Exhibition @ Gamma Transport Division, Edinburgh!

SheOne is one of my favourite artists. I can't pin point exactly what it is about his work which grabs me but from the moment I first spotted his distinctive strokes on an Addict t shirt 5 or 6 years ago til now hes been creating work which transcends a lot of barriers both in the world of graffiti and fine art! So when the Gamma Transport Division announced they would be hosting a solo show by SheOne in Edinburgh I was pretty stoked, the only problem has been finding the time to get down and see it!

I missed the opening party but thankfully Heidi Kuisma was on hand with her camera to get some snaps, check them out here, also The Reference Council conducted a cool wee interview with the man himself here, worth a read. On a recent visit to Edinburgh I just missed the opening hours, seeing the customised mark 1 mini cooper outside was pretty awesome but thankfully ill be down the weekend before the show comes down to make way for Phil Ashcroft's "Galacticos" exhibition, which again looks like another top event. 

And with GTD being part of the Gamma Proforma portfolio of course you can view all the work on their web site and buy some of the pieces, a very tempting venture especially when you see the PDF catalogue but one I can't afford at the moment. In fact even more than the paper works I've found the free styled bike frames calling out to me but I'm sure they won't be around for long either but just check out some of the pics below and you'll see what I mean. SheOne performs a fine balancing act both on the streets and in the gallery, an innovator, a free thinker and an inspiration, something which seems to be in short supply these days. If you like what you see then I highly recommend heading down to the Gamma Transport Division who seem to be filling the gap in Edinburgh's art / coffee / bike repair shop market. And once that Mr Eion Coffe Roaster gets his act together you'll have 2 reasons for popping down that way!

Anyway, you can view the complete collection of SheOne works for sale here, keep an eye on his adventures via his tumblr and pre order his first tome which is currently in production with Gamma Proforma as I type!

sheOne [S1] Exhibition at GTD Edinburgh - Gamma Proforma from Gamma Proforma on Vimeo.

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