Real Nice Collective Present "Hell Yeah Illustration Show" @ Offset57!

Its been a pretty great week for anyone interested in the arts & music scene in Aberdeen. Saturday saw a rather special album launch by CS Buchan in the Advocates Library (more on that later) and the opening of WLD WLVS #SEENINTHEDEEN Exhibition at Peacocks (more on that later as well) and Wednesday night brought the opening of another arty party with Real Nice Collectives "Hell Yeah Illustration Show", a pop up show which features the art work of 5 local artists splashed across the walls of the RGU Union which is currently home to Offset57.

The artists were given free reign over the glowing white walls but only had 3 days to pull something amazing together, and they didn't disappoint! I dropped in on the first day to get some snaps and catch up with the team who were already well on the way to creating something amazing but the final result is trully astonishing! I guess when you bring good people together then good things are gonna happen but I wasn't prepared for just how cool the space would look. See the photos below, Mike's giant snake piece, Katies Sloth, the internet hating book, the hipster seagull fruitbooter, so many little details and so much talent poured out onto the walls. Fucking Ace!

And it doesn't end there, the guys each worked on a range of screen prints which were given away at the opening, donations were welcomed but not demanded and special gift packs were made up with zines & badges. The Real Nice Collective have set a standard which I think will be hard to beat but I hope people will try! And the nice thing about the whole affair is it brought a good bunch of people together and resulted in something amazing happening, the beauty is in the details and the akward spaces the artists had to fill, the corners and doorways, the side panels, every inch of space was used and maximised. 

So to recap, start drawing on Monday, finish large drawing and host opening party on Wednesday, white wash and hang print show on Thursday, open for the closing party on Friday (tonight) that's a hell of a turn around! So tonight you can attend the closing party and see a range of printed works from the 5 mural artists along with such names as CC Rascal & Michael Sieben so be sure to get down and see some cool work before it disappears forever, or at least until the next Real Nice Collective show!

Day 1 - The Drawing!

Day 3 - The Opening Part 1!

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