R.I.P. 323 - Recoat Gallery & The End Of An Era!

So only a few months after it finally closed its doors I'm getting around to looking at Glasgow's Recoat Gallery and its final show in their current gallery space, 323 which has served them well for the past 6 years. Out of any art institution in Scotland and probably the UK Recoat has set the bench mark for both bringing amazing artists to our humble shores but also for cultivating a new breed of artists who's work goes beyond anything I've seen elsewhere, work which instantly grabs my attention and gives me that art buzz that I got the first time I saw Hokusai's "The Great Wave".

R.I.P. 323 served as a stopping point for Recoat in their current gallery setting but also serves as the beggining of a new chapter for Allie and Amy who started Recoat because of their passion for graff and the arts. The gallery has held strong links to the UK's graffiti scene and have brought some of the worlds top names in spray paint circles and fine art to Glasgow. Walking down Kelvingrove and spotting a giant SheOne mural or stumbling upon a fresh Elph piece always gives me a little boost and its great to know that Recoat have been helping to promote graffiti and street art in the city, hopefuly gaining recognition as a legit art form, something that I would love to see up in Aberdeen but the preciousness associated with our granite walls means a vibrant out door mural culture won't be happening any time soon. But even here the Recoat effect can be felt with a full mural in the entrance to Sanfu a shining example of what can be done!

So the final show served as a reminder of all the great artists Recoat have championed and worked with over the years and to me exemplified the forward thinking ways of the team and features some incredible works, most of which were created on site over a very short period of time. There's a diversity of styles and mediums that you just don't seem to find elsewhere, people like to stick to their formula's but these guys seem to be doing their own thing on their own terms and all the artists works sit side by side so easily. I'm just pissed I didn't get to catch it in real life, instead the snaps below from the Recoat facebook page will have to suffice.

Be sure to give their page a like and while your at it why not check out more work by the artists featured in R.I.P. 323, in order of works below Elph, Jamie Johnson, David Galletly, Syrkus, Throne, Kirsty Whiten, Derm, FISTMark Lyken, Fraser Gray, Chris MacFarlane and RueFive. End of an era but I really can't wait to see what they do next! R.I.P. 323 x

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