WLD WLVS x Brew Dog Mural & T Shirt Launch!

So those crazy WLD WLVS got together with a few friends and produced a special limited edition t shirt for Brew Dog. Then they got a few artist's together and drew all over the mirror wall in the Aberdeen Brew Dog bar to launch the new designs. Two tees are available exclusively at Brew Dog Aberdeen, the Brew Dog Anchor & The Shark by Stu Awesome. As well as the t shirts Stu Awesome brought some pretty nifty sea life related prints down which should be available on line via the WLD WLVS shop soon!

Stu was also doodling on the night along with Stuart Allan, both creating rather distinctive pieces in the port holes while John Mackenzie who's artwork already adorns the walls of the Ellon Brewery so it would have been rude not to include him. Each artist brought their own unique style to the mirror and somehow managed to create a quite harmonious monster, complete with port holes and sharp teeth! All with paying customers looking on bemused. Also on hand were the TRY Industries TRYatheletes who provided some musical selections to inspire the masses.

Originally I was on hand to film proceedings but due to inexperience with a new camera the footage has come out a bit shaky so I'm waiting to test out some stabilization filters before trying to make something out of it! But I was able to rip a few still from the footage so not all is lost. Pop down to Brew Dog if you want a tee or a nice pint, just don't blame me for the hangover!

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