The Artwork of Caitilin Hynes!

I first met Caitlin when she joined in the Mural Project down at 26 Collective Studios. Her artwork immediately stood out with her distinctive characters and use of shapes. Most of her early work seemed to be on the dark side with a limited palette but after a recent erasmus exchange in Holland she's injected more colour into the mix. 

I think Caitlins strength lies in her ability to produce fully formed pieces which inhabit their own place and time, perhaps not a place I'd like to be left alone in but a place I enjoy dipping into. It was beautiful to see the progression of her Mural piece which you can see at the bottom, at first it seemed quite random and haphazard but as more elements were painted in the more it became this corner of awesomeness! With each session more layers were added, forming a kind of hanging hive of characters and eyes with some pattern motifs thrown in.

And you can see some of these motifs in her other work especially the colourful fabric pieces she's been working on and her rather creepy looking print tests with weird characters contorting around each other. Its amazing that something so creepy can come from such a sweet girl but they do say to watch the quite ones!

I borrowed a few images from Caitlin's tumbler page to help share her amazing work. Its not often you come across someone so young with such a unique style and take on the world! I'm really looking forward to seeing what Caitlin does next so watch this space!

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