BAKE HAUS Launch Night (Degree Show Party) @ Cellar 35!

BAKE HAUS is a new night from local producers Zubuntu & ¥oin. They both felt the local music scene was missing something since the Acid Thunder nights stopped. So Bake Haus is something familiar but also something new, a platform for local bass producers to show off their skills both in producing and in the mix. Between OTOH, ¥oin, Zubuntu, Grobbie & T_A_M you probably have a couple of hundred thousand hits on Soundcloud, a talented bunch for sure!

Ill be helping out by providing some live projections for the night and will be trying to out do any previous efforts, not just because I've gotten a bit lazy with my visuals but also because of the name Bake Haus. It comes from the last album released by Ewan Robertson aka Offshore and seems quite fitting that part of Ewan's legacy has been to inspire these producers to be pro active and to get their sounds out into the Aberdeen scene, not an easy task but through the endless inspiration that Ewan provided I'm hoping something amazing will flourish! And I'm hoping to provide some visuals which will also inspire and push me forward, something I'm sure Ewan would have been happy to see. 

If you made it along to the Fine Grains launch a few weeks back then you can expect a bit more of the same, dark room, heavy bass, good sound system and lots of beefy music to get your teeth into! You know what its like on the Boiler Room, that's what I'd like to see from this night, people dancing, having a good time and getting into the music, don't come to be seen, come to enjoy yourself! The first night also coincides with the private view for the Grays School of Art Degree Show so hopefully some of those talented people will make it into town for the party! Check out the sounds below and get event details here!

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